Wednesday, 22 June 2011

First Post on a bright sparkly new Blog thingy!

Hello, have decided to experiment with one of these new fangled blog whotsits.  Primarily is going to be crafting - cardmaking and scrapping but may include other things as the whim takes me.  Where possible I will try to name suppliers and makes of the materials I am using but to be honest as I have been crafting on and off for a few years some of my crafting stash may be dated and I may not remember where it came from ( at least that's my story! :o)  I should warn you I have an obsessive love of Joanna Sheen Cd's and she has a lovely website at Joanna for anyone interested and I also adore Glitter girls boards they too have a lovely website (  Although I have been crafting for a few years I am still very much a novice but love experimenting with new things.  I have more than a little trouble with my stamping which is why I probably favour cd's but have loads of stamps and so want to play more in that way and show results here.  Will be posting pics of some cards I have made in the past with no real explanation as to how they were made as some may have been made some time ago.   Anyway this will do for a first blog, will blog again soon x