Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Nitwit Halloween card with cute little beaded spider

Hello again blogging peeps, here is the halloween card I have been working on since my last post. Apologies for the photo not being quite so good today... I think this is a combination of dodgy camera, bad light and the dark colours in the card.

I have been working on a storage solution for my pens over the last few days and although it is up and holding pens at the moment it will not be finished for a while. It isn't brilliant, two of the shelves are on the wonk a little but its as solid as several layers of card and almost a pot of pva can make anything lol. I may post pictures at some point just for fun... anyway I woke up thinking about that and the halloween card I have been preparing... and for some odd reason the idea to make this cute little beaded spider came into my head. I used a large white bead which I coloured with the black speccie pen once I had assembled all the legs. Which I used cotton and some bluish/purple seed beads to make threading back up the centre of the beads and through the middle.

Once I had coloured the body bead I added two tiny pearl gems which came from a nail art kit for eyes and used the 0 blender speccie pen to make a tiny smile.....(do spiders smile?) anyway I should add this spider in no way resembles the monster running around the house at the moment because for sure that little devil does not smile he just runs like an athlete! this one is kinda cute...for a spider.

I used an 8 x 8 square card with some purple holographic card as a base layer and then I used this weird embossed hand made-ish feel paper which came from stash. I used a tim holtz embossing folder and coredinations white wash for the spider web and matted onto the purple holo and then green coredinations and me little spider stuck in place. The witch & background came from an old nitwit digital kit called Can I be frank ( and then was matted the same way as the spider web.  I added a sprig and some flowers (because I could) and a sentiment printed in craft artist to finish.

All in all I do like this card although the colours are too dark to my taste normally, I think without my little spider, it probably would have been chucked to the 'not right' pile.  Might try another at some point but need to get back to xmas cards for a while only a few weeks to go now so need to make quite a few more.

Anyway best go get ready for work.

Until next time, take care

Cj x

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