Sunday, 17 July 2011

Humphreys Corner Yay! big thumbs up from me

So I invested in a Humphreys corner cd, had wanted this when it was released the pictures are adorable but couldn't afford it at the time so its sat on my long wish list until now. What a wow cd... lots to do and too many cute images! Was always put off crafter companion cd in the past as I like to make big cards but since I found the images can be taken into craft artist and made to any size well I am one happy bunny :)

Chose this one in the end as I remember doing something similar when I was a child all them years ago lol was trying to make a more masculine card so not quite sure where the flowers came from but the card needed something.

Will try to make the next humphrey more manly strictly no flowers or ribbon oh and I got some cool Sarah Kay stamps to play with too that are crying out for a card.

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