Monday, 18 July 2011

Pippins Scrapbook page

Ok so I mentioned I was off to start a page which I did, a long overdue page of how I found Pippin, he is now 4! and I have had the papers since then. If I could do this again I would add a little mustard yellow tint to the adverts or perhaps a light blue so they would stand out a little more but overall am happy with this page :)

One for his album lol oh and by the way Pippin is the one in the front climbing up my knee a few weeks old and so brave, or so we thought, originally he was going to be called Kiyoshi (yoshi) for short which is Brave Warrior in Japanese after this first visit with him at a few weeks old. However when he came home it was a whole different matter and Kiyoshi did'nt fit. We settled for Pippin after the naughty dog in the children's programme come outside as we were constantly saying 'oh Pippin!' He still is a mighty coward and is scared of sellotape and loud noises but he is a lovable little boy all the same :)

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